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One of the strengths of Rwandan culture is the support shown by the extended family to their orphans.

Nestling in the heart of Africa, just below the equator, is the country of Rwanda. Well known for being the last habitat of the mountain gorillas it gained greater notoriety during the 1994 genocide when just under a million of its inhabitants were killed in three months. Peace and stability have now returned to this beautiful country but it remains one of the poorest nations in the world.


Rwanda either conjures up memories of genocide or else gorillas!! But it is more than that; a beautiful country surrounded by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and DR Congo it is the Switzerland of Africa. From the line of dormant volcanoes to the north the country it is difficult to find a flat area in the whole country. It is know as “the land of a thousand hills” but also has many rivers and lakes. Recently it was confirmed to have the scource of the Nile River in the heart of the Nyungwe rain forest.


The country has a very high density of people with over 10 million living in a country the size of Wales. Around a million live in the capital Kigali and the majority of the rest living in the countryside as subsistence farmers. The country is very fertile with tropical crops cultivated at lower levels of altitude and temperate at higher levels. Tea, rice and maize are some of the crops grown in large areas whilst the majority of the crops are grown and sold by the subsistence farmers.