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The image above is of students graduating from the Skills Training Centre in 2019
With the city of Kigali now numbering over a million people there is a need for training in a multitude of diverse skills. While there is a drive to educate the young people of Rwanda in academic subjects, seen in the many new schools and universities, there is a great need for young people with training in practical skills.

The Skills Training Centre at Kimisagara in Kigali has been in action for the past 20 years. Initially training was for a few who learnt tailoring. Lessons in carpentry and welding followed with the intake mainly orphans from the Project. The site was developed to enable a course in Electrical Installation to start. Construction and catering were added in 2011 and now in 2013 a new course in hairdressing has been added.

More recently the courses in Catering, Tailoring, Beauty, Welding and Construction have been approved by Workforce Development Agency and so these are the departments that are functioning

Students now number around 140 in the 5 departments and the courses last for a year. The school year is from January with graduation taking place in December.

We encourage plenty of practical work at the centre. The teachers are all qualified in their area of expertise and so are able to teach both the theory and practical.

Photos from the Skills Training Centre