Orphan Support

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The project has been supported through a sponsorship scheme run with the help of SKI – Mullers in Bristol. Individuals and churches have taken responsibility for individual children and their monthly support is channelled through Mullers and from there arrives in one sum through bank transfer. The support given to the child is credited to their folder and this is used towards a monthly sum of money given, education costs, medical insurance and other needs.

  • Orphans come from the 5 poorest areas of Kigali in which the project operates
  • Some children come from the government project that supports those infected with the HIV virus
  • The orphans are supported in the community rather than in institutional care
  • The project supports the orphans through sponsorship of the children. This money provides for basic needs: food, education and medical care.
  • Many families have been helped with accommodation and repairs to their houses
  • Children are supported until they finish their education